Touching concrete is a film about the inhabitants in Hillbrow, a district of Johannesburg – People that live in this concrete jungle. Often times mavericks and survival specialists, they drive in a neighborhood of extremes and changes towards realizing their own dreams. We tell the film out of their perspective – living inside a maze of ever constituenting hierachies.

In the 90s´s illegal immigrants of various different african states and inhabitants of the surrounding   Townships moved into the  once „white“ Downtown of „Joburg“ . People that didn´t own a lot and that were   hoping to find a better future in the city of gold. Still today this   overpopulated  downtown area workslike a magnet for the exact. same reasons.The control of the state has been lost. With a couple exeptions the inhabitants, that once used to live here in a well structured society,  have left the „sinking ship“. Hillbrow is place of constant change: While the corruption by now completely destroys the legislative, new rules dominate the streets and skyscrapers. The film emphasizes on the relationship between mankind and urban space and the connected confrontations – and also compartmentalization – with the chaos and the violence.
While some stay hidden inside their houses or have discoverd  little urban islands like rooftops for themselves, others face the chaos on the street and find a normality in there. Even others live the life of  outlaws  and become part of the chaos.
Where lies the magnetism of this place? How does this quarter structure its inhabitants and vice versa. How and where do these people create a counterbalance to this madness? And what kind of changes will the Soccer Worldcup 2010 bring the Inhabitants of Hillbrow?

„Does the city belong to the people, or do the people belong to the city?“